About the Register

The Register is a public document that contains the following information about Government Affairs Directors (GAD) who make representations to Government on behalf of their organisations and have held a position listed in Section 5.1.e of the Victorian Professional Lobbyists Code of Conduct.

A Government Affairs Director is defined as "a person who makes regular enquiries, advocates changes to public policy, or seeks specific assistance from government for a wide variety of reasons, in a paid capacity of an organisation or business or professional or trade association.

Information collected and publicaly available after registration is as follows:

  • The business details of the organisation that employs/engages the Government Affairs Director.
  • The name and position of the person employed/engaged as a Government Affairs Director.
  • Details of each applicable category as described in Clause 5.1.e of the Code of Conduct.

From 1 November 2013 any GAD who meets the registration requirements of clause 5.1.e of the Victorian Government Professional Lobbyists Code of Conduct must be registered in order to contact a Government Representative for the purpose of lobbying activities.

A GAD to whom Section 5.1.e of the Code does not apply is not required to register.